• Minneaplis Skyline Panorama with IDS Center courtesy of Creative Commons photo on Wikipedia
  • Marquette Hotel entrance on Marquette Avenue and Seventh Street, part of IDS Center

Design and remodeling for a $2 million interior renovation to a 19 story four-star, PREFERRED hotel centrally located at the IDS Center in downtown Minneapolis, at 7th Street & Marquette Avenue.

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Set within the IDS Center skyscraper in downtown Minneapolis, this upmarket Hilton hotel is a 7-minute walk from the Target Center and 1.4 miles from the Walker Art Center.

From Wikipedia:

The IDS Center is a skyscraper located at 80 South 8th Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Completed in 1972, it is the tallest building in the state at a height of 792 feet (241.4 m). It originally stood 775 feet 6 inches (236.4 m), though a 16-foot (4.9 m) garage for window washing equipment was added between 1978 and 1979. The structure rises to 910 feet (10,900 in) when including communications spires on the roof, indisputably the highest points in the city. The IDS was constructed as the headquarters of Investors Diversified Services, Inc.—now Ameriprise Financial. It also housed the headquarters of Dayton Hudson Corporation (nowTarget Corporation) from 1972 until 2001.

The complex consists of five parts: the 57-story IDS Tower itself at 8th & Nicollet Streets, an 8-story annex building along Marquette Avenue, the 19-story Marquette Hotel at 7th Street & Marquette Avenue, and a 2-story retail building that was originally dominated by Woolworth’s. These four buildings are joined by the 7-story Crystal Court.